Social Pressure In Looking For Alibrandi

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Social pressures and their impact in Looking for Alibrandi Many teenagers today in their adolescent years are faced with difficulties and pressures that affect them very deeply. Problems can start from skin colours, race or physical disabilities, extending to emotional and personal problems which could have been triggered through family and/or friend/ peer pressure. In the novel Looking for Alibrandi, there are three main characters that experience and are impacted by social pressures. Christina Alibrandi stops caring about what other people will say, John Barton kills himself, and Josephine Alibrandi becomes eager to be emancipated.
Christina Alibrandi feels pressured to put others opinions before her own so people will not look down upon her, but she stops caring about what other people have to say about her. Ever since Christina had Josie at 17, she has disgraced herself in society’s eyes and was kicked out of her own house. Her mother, Katia, has always tried to tell Christina what to do and what not to do. Katia does not want Christina to go out with other men, even though she in unmarried because she thinks people will start talking just like before. “People? What people? Italians? Mama, I have already disgraced myself in their eyes and there will never be anything to change that, so who cares if they talk
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Social pressures can make you lost in a crowd, or be a ‘red light‘ in your life, but it is something that will come and go, you cannot let it be a barrier in your life that is holding you back from your being your