Social Problems In The Community

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Social problems vary from state to state to person to person. The effects of them play major roles in our community and affect us all in different shapes and forms. We devote time in effort by voting, blogging, and even raising concern in different media outlets. These are all personal approaches in which we feel like we can make the biggest impact by these approaches. What most don’t understand for almost every social issue and concern that we have there is an organization that backs it and rallies for it. No matter the concern, humanity rights, rights of woman, gays, animals and the workforce there is someone out there that can help.

The first organization I would like to shed some light own is one that is a very controversial on how it handles social problem and the type of services they provide. The organization is located in every state in America and that is social services. There are many services they provide like adult social work; children’s service to special needs service. These services are just a base to the many services of social care that this organization cans provide. The department of Social services help people who are experiencing difficulties in their daily lives to assess and understand the problems they face, and to find solutions. The intention is to help them live more successfully and independently, or if this is not possible, to be cared for in a setting that meets their needs (NJ Gov.2014). Social Services is and organization who played a big role in my upbringing. The services that were provided to my parents were food stamps and supplemental housing something that many people receive and helps low income family make it until they reach and point that they can sustain there self.

The second organization that I would like to go over is that is having a beyond