Social Psychology paper

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Social Psychology

Social Psychology

Social Psychology is explained specifically in this reading through many examples. It describes the way an individual’s behavior is influenced by others and how their own personalities can influence other people. Sarah’s behavior is influenced by her parents and her friends. Both roles play a factor in the decisions that she makes while with her friends and her family. Sarah has many different schemas involving her behavior. Her parents have a schema for her in the way they want her to follow their rules and curfew regulations. The social role they want her to follow is strict and meant to be followed without fault. The schema that Sarah’s friends have for her is different and involves her social life. They ultimately convince her to forego the rules and regulations set up by her parents. Sarah is torn between wanting to follow her parent’s rules and her desire to conform to her friends and attend the party. After a subconscious battle with herself, she decides to attend the party and intentionally disregard her parents wishes.

Sarah specifically displayed cognitive dissonance during the beginning of the reading. She was at war with herself on whether or not to attend the party with her friends. She set precedence by never disobeying her parents in the past and always arrived at home on time. Her friends attempted to persuade her by telling her that the party would be fun and she would be missing out if she did not attend. Sarah contemplated the issue and decided to go against her parent’s wishes and attend the party. She pondered the problem and even though she was concerned about getting caught, she still went against the rules.

Sarah displayed many of the core social motives as related to Social Psychology. Sarah wanted to belong to the group and with her friends. Belonging is an important aspect of personal roles because it provides a sense of self-worth and wanting to have a rightful place within the group. She displayed an understanding of what her parents wanted of her and what her friends wanted of her. She also knows what she wants of herself. The three schemas are at war within Sarah: what she wants for herself, what her parents want from her, and what her friends want her to do. Sarah has never attended a party in the past and wanted to participate in this party to heighten her popularity and to be invited to other parties in the future. Control plays a major aspect in Sarah’s life. Her parents control every aspect of her life by dictating as to when she must arrive home after being out, the grades she should receive, the rules she must follow, and how she should behave. Sarah displays no personal identity and has little impact on how her life is led. The conversation Sarah has with Jack displays signs of enhancing self. Jack tells her she is beautiful which makes her feel worthy. He eventually asks her out on a date for the following week and she accepts. She does this without asking her parents permission to go out with a boy, especially one who is older than her and one she only just met. Revealing that she met Jack at a party she did not have permission to attend may create future problems with her parents. Sarah is also extremely trusting. She trusted the recommendations of her friends to attend the party without reason to feel nervous or uncomfortable. She trusted an older she just met to take her out on a date before getting to know him better. Her trusting personality is an example of someone who has limited experience with life thinking that nothing bad will ever happen to her.

Sarah conformed to her friend’s requests because she wanted to be accepted within the group attending the party. Sarah mentions that she was not aware of how popular her new friends were and that everyone at the party knew who they were. She wants this type of popularity in her life as well. She attended the