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Betty Crocker:
Research Community

“Original First Lady of Food”



Developing a Research Plan: Betty Crocker

One idea of a Research Community



The length of the Betty Crocker community: Facebook community: more than 2 million followers Cookbooks: more than 75 million sold one of the top websites in the food category Ask Betty: feature on website allows consumers to search files for instant answers from experts Betty Crocker branded products: more than $1 billion in sales annually Betty Crocker’s mobile app: over one million downloads.

A Betty Crocker business issue: Failed Fruit Snacks Commercial 4

+ Betty Crocker´s community on Facebook has been complaining about the latest fruit snacks commercial, in which a mom and her kid are grocery shopping and the kid asks for a snack. Incessant begging leads to the mom giving him fruit snacks to make him happy. General complaints: • Poor judgment of educative methods – snacks will educate a whiny child.

Research objective


Problem: complaints on Betty Crocker´s FB community by mom´s about poor judgment on educative methods

when child is whining. Fruit snacks management team can fix the problem by listening and engaging with their community to clearly define the issues at hand and give a solution. Managers will be able to use this new intel to improve commercial and better understand mother-child relationships. Important to give costumers what they want. Can the complaints become an opportunity? Yes, listen to what costumers are saying to better advertise the product and understand what they need. Community managers can take advantage of complaints to ask for feedback to take into consideration and even to ask for ideas for improvement. Complaints are in general taken forth by moms who are upset about the portrayal of mother´s giving their child whatever they want instead of educating them to behave in the first place.

Important to define if customer relationship Is efficient. If so, are the answers given positive? Are complaints about the same issue or do they vary?


Exploratory Research
Define reason of dislike of commercial Clearly define questions in order to better comprehend issue at hand Case studies


Focus Groups with mothers