Social Responsibility and Bp Essays

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Page 52 1. Here is a list of the major ethical issues: * BP has been charged with major environmental offenses almost annually. * The company was convicted of an environmental felony for failing to report that its subcontractor was dumping hazardous waste in Alaska. * 2005 – BP allegedly ignored knowledge that its Texas City refinery was unsafe in a cost-cutting effort that led to an explosion – 15 deaths and dozens more injuries. * 2007 – BP lobbied Indiana regulators for an exemption allowing it to increase its daily release of ammonia and sludge into Lake Michigan. * 2010 – BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico when the firm’s Deep-water Horizon rig collapsed. 1. The factors that might lead an oil company to compile a long list of environmental damages are oil spill, false advertisement, explosions and people losing their jobs. 2. The approach to social responsibility that BP appears to be taking is BP tries to maintain its image as a “green” company. BP’s logo is an image that combines elements of a classic solar rendering and flower this image says “Nature Friendliness”. BP tried to stop the leak in the Gulf. 3. BP attempted to stop the leak, minimize environmental damages, assure people it would provide an adequate compensation once it was all settled.
Page 55 1. You should follow your original timetable. 2. Other companies have closed – no competition companies should take social responsibilities by keeping up with other…