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Adriana Marra Marra 1
AP Brit Lit
Mr. Sulzycki
3 March 2015
Why We Need Meninism
The human race is a diverse, unique species. We come in various colors, shapes, and sizes, but each individual is a human being nonetheless. Since the dawn of civilization, people have suffered from exploitation and punishment for their differences. To this day, there are harmful social hierarchies that control humanity. Many groups of people are marginalized on things they can not control. This includes race, sexuality, physical and mental ability, etc.
Prejudice continues to run rampant in our society and causes significant harm to the oppressed. I would like to address gender equality and the hostile treatment towards a severely victimized sex: men.
The rise of a vicious movement known as feminism is pushing society further away from equality. Females are brainwashing countless vulnerable minds with the concept of “women’s rights”. Alas, I am an intellectual, and will not succumb to such absurdity. First off, the word itself is flawed. If feminism was about equality for all genders, why isn’t it called humanism?
Feminism, by definition, excludes men. If something doesn’t benefit men, then it can’t possibly have any value. Also, women already have rights! Women have the privilege to vote and the
Equal Pay Act was amended in 1963. The law debunks this “wage gap” myth, and everyone knows that there’s no institutional corruption in capitalist America. The United States is the land of the free, and feminism obviously only applies to American women. Women are not victims and need to stop complaining. They are more likely to suffer from domestic violence, sexual assault, and systematic economical disadvantages, but what about men? Men suffer from these

Marra 2 things too! It’s not like men holding 80% of leadership positions has to do with anything.
Women have enough rights over themselves and their bodies... with a few minuscule exceptions.
Boo­hoo, you can’t have an abortion. So what if she’s a rape victim, can’t afford to take care of a child, or isn’t ready to raise one; you can’t end an innocent life. And I’m referring to the non­sentient fetus. Not the women who die during childbirth or the suffering children who can’t be supported by their parents.
Not only is feminism ridiculous and unnecessary, but it negatively affects the male population. Feminists hate men, and try to make people afraid of them. One of four women are victims of rape, but not all men are rapists, so women have no reason to be afraid of men. It makes more sense to be afraid of a reasonable threat, like sharks. There’s a one in 3,748,067 chance that a shark will kill me, who wouldn’t be afraid! In a nutshell, we don’t need feminism because I fail to recognize the ongoing oppression of women, therefore it doesn’t exist.
What we need is genuine equality for all genders; that’s where meninism comes in.
Society should treat men the same way women are treated. For example, if a man wearing a football jersey is tackled for no reason, it was his fault because his clothes were suggestive. Men should be dissuaded from holding high positions of power. They’re too emotional, and will murder thousands out of impulsive rage (any time of the month). Additionally, dress codes need to be strictly enforced. Any