Social Setting Analysis Essay

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Analyzing Social Settings

“Pubs, bars and nightclubs are central features of recreational nightlife in the towns and cities of many countries” (Bellis, M. A., & Hughes, K.). Specifically, bars, within Toronto, ON, are a social setting for people of all kinds to gather together, whether for dates, parties, business meeting or a casual catch up with old friends. Since the beginning of the “Pub era” which was seen in “8000 BC by the Middle-Eastern hunter-gatherers” (Beer Through the Ages), bars have become a worldwide phenomenon, which we can now today analyze how this setting has an affect on social behaviors, whether that be negative or positive. Some thoughts that arise about bars include: 1) Bars are just a
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Older crowds seem to be regular customers and recognized by the staff. People who sat by themselves or with one additional person tended to be relatively quieter than those in larger groups (3+), who tended to be much louder and expressive. In addition, the social classes and statuses of people seem to be low to middle class based on their appearances.
2) Burger Bar: 10 College Street (Young and College) Description/Features:
Burger Bar is a very urban bar that is located in the heart of downtown. With music playing and TVs tuned to the game, the atmosphere is always lively. Upon entering, potential customers are greeted by friendly waiters, who direct them to their seats. Unlike most other bars, customers can make reservations and it is sometimes the recommend move because the bar gets very busy and waiting can take up to 20 minutes. Customers have the choice to either dine at the bar, tables or in a private booth. Also, the bar is an open concept; meaning that one can clearly see what is going on in their respective surroundings including but not limited to; watching the chiefs cook meals. Once seated, a waiter provides the customer with a menu. The menu consists of a variety of options, such as, burgers, poutiness, and salads. In addition, this bar is known for using all natural, hormone and antibiotic free beef in their meals, baking their