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Stephanie Erickson and Therese Gardner
It’s just another chilly, wintry Monday morning in San Francisco for many, but for me I wake up to face another week of torture from the one and only, Megan Shields. She is one of those kind of girls who everyone just adores and wants to be. If you picture a Barbie doll and place Megan next to one, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between them. That’s how stunningly beautiful she is, and I hate her for that. Then if you compare her to me, I’m the nerdy girl with glasses who sits in the back of the room and never speaks out. The only person I feel comfortable talking to is my best friend Kendall McGuire. She has been my best friend since Kindergarten and we have gone through everything together. But now that were in high school, I only see her at lunch and I feel like we are growing apart. She’s making friends and yet I have nobody anymore. To make matters worse, Megan is in all of my classes and is constantly making fun of me. She says things like, “ You smell like an onion, you’re making me cry.” or “What’s up with the glasses, nerd.” Besides the fact that she says such things, she also enjoys pulling pranks on me to humiliate me and entertain herself, as well as, the rest of the school.
Once I finish the long and tortuous task of getting ready for school and explaining my life, I head out the door being only seconds away from the non-stop torture, I get on the bus as well. As I slowly approach the bus, the windows slide down, the bright red stop sign reveals itself, the door pulls back, and the hate-filled words are released from the conniving bullies. Although I must face it once more, my eyes start to redden and swell with tears because my hope that the bullies would stop is once again tossed down the drain. When I finally make it on to the bus I sit in the only open seat right at the front of the bus and hide myself away from the rest of the world, wanting to run back inside and sleep, the only