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THEMATIC ESSAY As many of the different civilizations of the world developed they brought with them many different types of things. One of the biggest things that has an impact on everything till this day is the different kinds of belief systems. Some of the major religions are Christianity, Judaism and the older ones like Animism and Confucianism. These belief systems have affected as in many ways such as religion practices, government, and way of life for a very long time. Most of these countries were ruled according to these different types of belief systems. One of the first major and most famous beliefs systems was Judaism. A monotheistic belief which means that there is only one god. These people can only see their religion/beliefs as the number one thing in their lives. The mentality of the Jews was that the more you prey and believe in god the more happiness and accomplishment you will achieve in life.
This belief system started in Israel (Jerusalem), as many foreign civilizations settled in; most having plans to attack Jerusalem. So frightened by these bigger force most Jews decided to migrate to what is now known as Italy. The Jews never made a great impact at first because they were a very small and frightened group. As different events in time happened such as many dynasty’s fell and rose, and Jerusalem and the Jews were attacked many times. The Jews finally started to take a stand in Rome, right as the Roman Empire started to rise. As lots more Jews started to migrate to Rome from the great Alexandria, their cultures began to overlap right before the era of the Christians was just begging. The Roman general Pompey established the Province of Rome and conquered Jerusalem. Julius Cesar then conquered Alexandria and defeated Pompey. Judaism was officially established as a legal religion a policy followed by first Roman emperor Augustus. Jewish-roman tension resulted in several wars between the two large groups, which resulted in the destruction of Jerusalem and the Second Temple. The second most important belief system which came right after Judaism was Christianity which originated from also within the Roman Empire. The belief systems picked up right were the Jewish belief system came to a minor holt. It resulted in The Romans attacking the second temple and taking over the Jews, were most Jews decide to switch from Judaism to Christianity. This group of people believed in their saver Jesus and the thing s that he gave to them to worship like the bible. Right as the Roman Empire starts to fall Constantine comes in and makes Christianity the new religion, so it will be easier for him to rule since everyone believes in the same thing. This new religion started to impact society to fast, mostly influencing the different kinds of government that had the most power, which caused major chaos. But later as the church took control, it restored the sanity and control in the Empire. Most of the roman government was basically in the church, they controlled more things in the Roman Empire than the king. The roman Christian church had power over the taxes, laws and way of life for the people of Rome. The church practices the christen religion, and having most of Rome at its disposal they preached the religion to the people any time they got the chance. Many of the roman that weren’t