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Christine Scott
Necessary Precautions to the End of Cyberbullying

With statistics stating that a person commits suicide every eighteen minutes and a suicide attempt is made every minute due to cyberbullying is sickening. While watching the movie “Cyberbully,” I thought that there are actually people in the world who go through this every single day and there are definitely ways we could prevent procedures like this from happening. For example, if we create consequences for bullies’ actions, like taking away technology at school or allowing kids technology to be monitored. By making severe consequences for the bully be put into a juvenile delinquent center if the situation ends tragically is another way to help deal with the situation. With regards to the children's sakes I also believe that during school hours, students should have their technology away. Out of sight and out of mind. If you take away the source of the bullying, there is no way for it to worsen. 80% of kids own a cellular device which makes socializing really easy for students. "In cyberspace no one can hear you scream," I feel as if this quote signifies that the victim of cyber bullying won't speak up about the situation they are in but if there is no cyberspace, nothing occurs. Secondly, If kids know that their technology is being monitored they’re more likely to not start anything. Knowing that someone is watching them makes them cautious towards their actions, because if they are caught they know something will be done. If we take preventative measures, it will benefit a way of putting cyber bullying to a stop. Lastly, if there is