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Randall Dale Adams deserves a retrial because he was wrongly convicted of killing police officer Robert Wood on the night of November 28, 1976. There are many reasons of which I believe my client should be given a second trial. One reason is because the witnesses that testified against my client were not reliable witnesses.
The first witness Michael Randell couldn’t even remember if the police car was in front of the vehicle or behind it. He also couldn’t remember what color the car was, the maker of the car and where the police officer was located. So if he can’t remember simple details such as those then how can we believe him when he says he saw my client Randall Dale Adams driving the car?
The second and third witnesses are Emily Miller and her husband Robert Miller who both say that they drove by the car and saw Randall Dale Adams sitting in the driver seat but Mrs. Miller adds that she also saw him pull the trigger. Mrs. Miller said that she had gotten off early from her gas station job but when we looked deeper we found out that she had been fired two weeks earlier for stealing money. Another thing that questions the credibility of the Millers is that a woman who said she had talked to Mr. Miller a day after the shooting took place told us that Mr. Miller admitted that he didn’t see anything and that for enough money he would say whatever the prosecution wanted him to say after their testimony the Millers were given $21,000 in reward money. The only reason the Millers even told police what they supposedly saw was because they had been arrested and were already at the police station. Another thing that is very questionable is the fact that their daughter had a trial for robbery in the same court and with the same judge and the charges were latter dropped. So how can you believe the Millers when the next week their daughter has her case dismissed in the same court with the same judge?
Another thing that questions the credibility of the witnesses is