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M.H.S Eduardo Gonzalez
S.S/803 October 28,2014 Westward Expansion

Document 1

1. I believe there soldiers were camped out on the outskirts of Indian Territory because they are planning to attack the Native Americans to take their land since it has a lot of good resources.

2. The thing that happened to the Indian people was damaging to them because they started killing the buffalos and cutting down the trees, this tragic because it was there land and that meant a lot to them.

Document 2

1. Well according to the document there were a lot of atrocities being committed by the United States military, they killed children, women and the fact that they were good and friendly Indians harmless to anyone.

Document 3
1. In this statement it is inferred that the Native American wanted to go back home and leave the reservations.

Document 4
1. The purpose of the scouting expedition that is reported to show how he numbers of the Buffalo population had greatly decreased.

Document 5
1. The purpose of the Homestead Act was to let people to be able to receive land for nothing or just a little bit of money in the Western parts of the country.

2. In order for a person to own land they needed to be the head of the family, at least 21 years old, a citizen of the United States and never fought in a war.

Document 6
1. The intentions of the Government in dealings with the Native Americans was to move them from place to place that what is called to be a nomad.

Document 7
1. There was an opportunity for people to purchase land for farming and raising stocks. This was the land of opportunity at the moment to own land.

Document 8
1. The two reasons Chief Joseph finally decided to surrender to the United States government troops was that he couldn’t see how people were suffering from cold and hunger. Most of seeing the children that were dead and his greatest fear was that his children could be one of those children laying around.

M.H.S Eduardo Gonzalez
S.S/803 October 28,2014 Westward Expansion

The Westward Expansion affected the lives of many Native Americans during the time period 1860 – 1890’s, the federal government had a big role in the life changing affect of the Native Americans. At this time many people were settling in the west but there was one problem that Native Americans were already living there but the federal government had a solution for that. Many Native Americans were forced to abandon their land and forced in to less productive reservations by the government.

The Native Americans were basically move out of their homes and land so that the white people can settle in their land. The Native Americans major resource was the Buffalos and horses. The Federal was cruel to the Native Americans they would kill their livestock not for food but just to make the Native Americans suffer and hurt them. In the first document is states that “ These soldiers cut down my timber; they kill my Buffalo; and when I see that, my heart feels like bursting; I feel sorry.” This basically shows how they just took everything from the Native Americans their homes and their resources. They used the timber to build their homes , buffalo and horses that was their main resource.

The Westward Expansion led to a great massacre of many Native American children and women. In Document 2 it states “ on the morning of the 29th of November last, uprise and attack said camp of friendly Indians and massacre a large number of them, (mostly women and children) and