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The Crash 
By:Desi GrubbJ
The day started out the same as any day for Sandy mullets and her younger brother Jake. They woke up early to help their father on the farm, and ate breakfast and headed off to school. Sandy didn’t care much for school she figured she didn’t need to know math. While Jake studied and tried to absorb everything he could so he could become a scholar and make his dad proud. It was obvious to Sandy that their dad favored Jake more than her anyways so she saw no sense in trying. There was one thing Sandy had the upper hand on Jake at, she could beat anyone in there small school at any sport they could think of, so every day after school they played basketball until the sun set. This is where their adventure started although they didn’t know it yet.
As we were walking home from playing basketball some 2 1/2 miles they heard a big crash coming from an abandoned field across from Mr. Creed’s house so they decided to follow the noise and see what was going on, And as they got closer they saw a car against a tree that was pretty bent up from the looks of it and a little boy in the back window beating on it to get there attention. Sandy started towards the car and I followed her both of us wondering what in the world happened and where this kids parents might be. I looked down and notice my tennis shoes where glowing and as I looked up to see what was going on I realized a green light was shining down on us. All of a sudden I’m paralyzed and trying to fight to move my body, I cant see sandy all I can do is hear her scream as were being lifted up of the ground onto who knows what.
I wake up with restraints on my arms and legs in a strange white room, bright lights shining in my face and I had a ringing in my ears. My vision is all blurry and I see two little figures standing by my bed mumbling something that I couldn’t understand but they loosened my restraints and as soon as they do I jump out of bed and bolted for the door, its now or never, I have to find sandy and get the heck out of this strange place. I’m running as fast as I can through this huge hallway but before I can turn the corner something hit’s the back of my neck and I fall to the floor, my body stinging all over.
I opened my eyes to the sight of several people hovering over me, I jumped up off the floor and one of them grabs me. “its ok”, he said reassuringly “were with you, we were taken by these things too.” I breathe a sigh of relief and asked them about where we are and what’s going on. This time an older girl standing next to him answers me “were in the holding area 7 where we wait to be put into the arena to fight so we can get a chance to be freed.” “so we actually have to battle against these things?” I ask “yes of course she replies it’s the only way, we fight to the death for the chance to be free.” “There is only one winner?” “ only one winner that’s how it works, you get one chance, you lose well… adios kid .” I could barley make out the last part because a loud siren went off and the man behind me was dragged out of the room by a large creature with a collar tightly around his neck. A few seconds after everyone settled down we all moved away from the wall as it slid open and we were able to see the arena.
On one side stood a little guy with a big head and tiny body who didn’t look like he stood much of a chance to the guy on the other side, the one they dragged out of our area. The Intercom came on and they started talking in the same mumble I heard earlier that I couldn’t understand, everyone in the crowd was screaming and they all looked like the guy with the small body and big head no one looked normal or had human appearances. As soon as the intercom went off they ran at each other. The people in my holding area were yelling go jimmy and you can take em Jim! So I started to yell for him too since he was one of us.
The little person in the arena had a big circular bright disc that he threw at jimmy instantly…