Social Studies Essay

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Pages: 2

1. Britain forced the Townshed Act and the Stamp Act on the colonists because they needed to be repaid since they protected the colonists.
2. All the events that caused the colonists to protest British taxes were that the colonists already had their own government. The colonists thought that there was no reason to be taxed as well as that there was no colonist in the Parliament.
3. Patrick Henry was one of the first to speak out against the Stamp Act. He was important because he made brave speeches in defense of colonists’ rights.
4. The most significant effect of British taxation was that colonies were protesting and forming together. They start to punish tax agents as colonial leaders start to repeal the Stamp Act.
5. The Sons of Liberty were people who led protests against. Their members burned stamps and threatened stamp agents. The group was organized by Samuel Adams.
6. The Daughters of Liberty began weaving cloth that could be used instead of British wool to help support the boycott.
7. The purpose of the Committees of Correspondence was to correspond or write to each other about local events. The letters were delivered by “express riders” on fast horses.
8. The Boston Tea Party expressed the views of many colonists that they wanted the Tea Act to be repealed.
9. The Intolerable Acts were caused by the Boston Tea Party.
10. The Intolerable Acts included that the British soldiers who had been removed from the Boston Massacre returned, the colony of Massachusetts was