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Statement of the problem:

This paper will discuss the benefits of youth participation in sports mainly football and basketball since they are the easiest to do research on sin season. Our society promotes winners and competition. This is sometimes subtle as in a new father posting the weight of his newborn son on his social networking site to brag about how big he is, or not so subtle like the handing out of a championship ring after winning the NBA finals.

Leadership is one of the most important qualities one can possess in the work place. An effective leader plays a vital role in everyday business he values people (like an athlete would have to do his peers), listens and applies the knowledge (like the hard working player who learns from his or her coach. A leader often times also shares dual responsibilities much similar to what the captain on a team would do. Kids also learn teamwork which is essential no matter what profession one enters in their adulthood. There are very few jobs where one does not benefit from some sort of help. Another great quality that a youth athlete can pick up is confidence which like leadership and teamwork will help throughout life. Confidence is important everywhere in our society from dating to asking for a promotion. Youth sport s also teaches hard work from a young age and enforce that nothing comes easy to most of us. But as in any reality there are a talented few from the beginning which causes everyone else to work harder to get to that level. Discipline may be the most important aspect taught in youth sports most parents will agree since discipline is such a stable in anything from staying focused in school to learning to hit a curve ball.

Youth sports also build discipline. There is a expectation to make all practices, try hard and be there for your team. Children learn that it is better to work together as a group/team to accomplish a goal. Discipline is taught and used throughout life in many different examples from military boot camp to sticking to a strict diet when trying to lose weight.

Literature review:

Children learn very important skill that they take with them into adult hood while playing sport growing up. They also develop friendships with kids they never would have me before.
.“Not only do kids want to have fun with sports, but they also want to make new friends and play with their current friends. When a child sees one of his friends playing a new sport, he may want to join that friend. The child also may want to try a new sport and end up making new friends as a result” (1)

This I found to be very true and every parent that I asked in my survey agreed that this was one of the most important reasons that they put their child in football. Friends like food are essential to a healthy upbringing. A friend is more essential child life than an adult by far. They play a major role in everyday life and help shape how children think, act dress and even on how we feel on certain issues in society later in life. Like I referenced earlier children tend to flock to what they see other children doing. It can be as simple as a group of children playing hopscotch on the yard or a pick up game of football in the middle of the street on a summer day.

The mission of the High Desert Patriots Youth Football and Cheer Program is good grades, great sportsmanship, unrivaled spirit, and playing a clean game...The program will emphasize promoting the development of leadership, character, sportsmanship, tolerance, discipline, athletic ability and to nurture youth fitness. One of the major benefits of sports participation, in general, is that athletic involvement promotes healthy living. A key aspect of childhood development is the importance of regular exercise. (2)

The mission statement of this football team sums up the benefits of youth sports in a nutshell. Sports emphasize good grades in school