The History Of Canada

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Canada is the Second largest country in the world, and Canadians were proud of that for years. However such a vast country is made up of several different regions, and as a result regionalism-geographic, cultural, economic, and political differences that exist across the country-has been a factor in Canadian history since before Confederation.
The biggest issue in Canada history is the struggles between the east and western region of Canada, and the reason was regional disparity, through out the history eastern Canada have always been the government’s priority for economical assistance. During the Depression of the 1930s, the natural resources industries such as fishing and mining were hit the hardest where as Ontario and Quebec were less affected. Western Canada including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba believe that Ottawa’s policies favor Central Canada and they were shocked when the federal government froze the price of domestic oil and gas, and impose a tax on petroleum exported from Western Canada during oil crisis at 1970.The western believe that they were cheated by the government because through out the history Western Canada have always been the natural resources supplier for the entire country, and therefore they should be the priority for the government to assist when there is a economical issue however the government did completely the opposite way.
The government sees the issue from a entirely different prospective, they believe that central Canada is the political and economical center of the entire nation and protect the interest of the eastern Canada