Social Sustainability Essay

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Sustainability, environmentally, is how the ecology system remains healthy, long-living and productive. The system endures and puts up with torments, afflictions but stays alive so more importantly, humans and the other animals can survive on the resources the environment gives to us. It meets the needs of the current generation, and sustaining to satisfying future generations.
Socially, sustainability can refer to a person, a neighbourhood community, a country or it can be on a global scale. It can be about poverty, peace or it can be your school raising funds for poor. Social sustainability makes lives better; rights, supports and justice are given, people are well aware of their social responsibilities. If social sustainability is well preserved, there will be no crime, no discrimination, no poverty, and each and every one caring for each other, making a perfect world; a utopia.
In Wall-E, the film produced by Disney and Pixar, has its sight to what would happen in the future. The movie was set several hundred years later, in the first few minutes the film camera runs across the sky looking down on Earth. To first sight, it’s easy to mistaking the buildings for what we think it is, but looking closer, it was made out of trash, boxes of rubbish laying on top of each other. In this film, the only moving creatures on Earth were Wall-E who was a robot and his cockroach friend. Wall-E, after hundreds of years, still continuing to clean up rubbish, he made skyscrapers out of trash, the film had an air shot of it as if it was an accomplishment but it was ironic and critical and painful to watch. When the ship captain tried to return to Earth, the auto pilot showed him a video, in the video, a man thought to be the president of USA said “Earth has been covered in rubbish, mission abolished, do not return to Earth, I repeat, DO NOT RETURN TO EARTH. Let’s get the heck outta here.” This movie clearly is trying to tell us what happens if we do not sustain the human resources, it gives us an insight to the future and warns us of the danger.
“Trash” by Andy Mulligan, describes an adventure a dumpsite boy Raphael and his friends went on, it’s a fictional book set on modern day life in a dumpsite that’s said that it can smelled before you can see it, the smell goes out for miles. In this rubbish city of the modern world, readers get to know the other side of the world, a rough world that no one wants to be in. Wonder where all the rubbish goes to, an apple you throw away, a half-eaten OERO down the bin, it all goes to the dumpsites where dumpsite boys like Raphael lives. The environment in the dumpsite is harsh, no toilets, no houses, poor education, worked hard to earn money, the meals are bad. This book tells us what it is to be like covered in rubbish and no resources, telling us that somewhere out there this is happening, and the dumpsites are getting bigger, eventually it’ll get to everyone, Earth will become a giant dumpsite and humans will live and pick through it. No one wants to live this way, thus it is vital to sustain.
Another big part in sustainability is social sustainability. In “Trash” the book, the community of the dumpsite had to work hard for a living, they worked a whole day for less money a kid gets for his…