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Social Class Themes
University of Phoenix
Angela Lee

Social classes are common in today’s society. People in society feel the need to be a part of something and this happens all over the world and hits different aspects in a person’s life; which has an effect on many of life’s decisions. Social classes can vary dramatically. Choosing a social class to be a part of can have society judge you in different ways. Many different T.V shows that relate to any social class can affect how someone decides the path they choose. The T.V show Sons of Anarchy is based on a motorcycle club who strives to keep their club and how they are going to survive on the choices they have made. The clubs decisions are based on how they are going to earn money to support themselves, the demands of the club and their families. Just like in any club, there is the leader and everyone else under them; but they all have to vote on each decision that is made because it does affect them all and their families. The club also realizes the choices they make can bring harm to the families when they have to face another member’s irrational decision. SOA motorcycle club does have a legal earning by having their own mechanic shop, but they have come to realize that they do not earn as much as they want or need; so they begin to deal illegal firearms to other gangs. Throughout there schemes of illegal gun trafficking they pick up drug trafficking which puts their families in more danger. Throughout the daily schemes SOA does; the law enforcement are trying to bring them down. SOA are group of guys who make bad decisions, but who care about their community and take care of everyone in it. The law enforcement do not care for the motorcycle club and what they claim to do to for the community, because they see them as low class men who are taking advantage of the community. The persona of a biker is one who wears a “cut”, or leather vest, jean, and a t-shirt representing the motorcycle club. All prospects shall wear a “cut”, but without the emblem of the club until the motorcycle club unanimously decides the prospect has paid his dues. Then there are the “crow eaters”, the motorcycle club’s groupies. “Crow eaters” hang out and associate with anyone of the clubs members if none of the club member’s claims her as their “old lady”. “Crow eaters” are not allowed to disrespect any of the “old ladies” at any given time. The “old lady” is the respected companion of one club member. The “old lady” is the main supporter of the club member. The hierarchy is common among any club or social group. President, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and sergeant at arms are common with motorcycle clubs. When the club holds meetings they call it “church”. All patch members must attend “church” as to cast their vote on a major decision. The club runs their group as a democracy as they hold elections as members of the club becomes vacant or end up incarcerated. The motorcycle club membership is one of brotherhood. Those ousted by the club shall never represent the club or bear the clubs name by any means or the club will bring sanctions among the ex-member. The sanctions can vary depending on the violation of the ex-member which can include death. In observing the show, the non-verbal communications are constant throughout. The rapport the members have is that of brotherhood. The body language, facial expressions, and gestures throughout the show give the audience a glimpse of how simple