Social Theory Essay

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Ariel Pimentel
Dec 1st 2012
Social Theory
I have learned throughout both Emily Durkeim and morality and in the Modern societies and Marx’s theories that the problems during the industrial revolution to the brief period of democracy after the French revolution in 1789. I have realized that Durkeim focuses on the group rather than the individual. And that Marx’s theories
Political and Social problems played a huge role in the theories of Emile Durkeim and how he dealt with a lot of situations. In 1789 Durkeim started to worry about France’s future due to the numerous violent changes in government. The brief period of democracy after the French revolution in 1789 was a time of terrifying persecution of all those who disagreed with the leaders. With all of that happening a long with the unstable democracy and bloody civil war, the compromise came a long and this was among small groups and other smaller groups that created more specialized goals. Each aimed for total victory rather than compromise. Each group wanted to seek revenge after what happen rather than let it go. All of the conflicts also revealed a troubling potential for abuse and power by political leaders.
Differing from Marx’, Durkeim believes that if he could understand the sources of morality in society, he could suggest ways to put new moral principles into practice. He wanted to learn how in the works the newly emerging field of sociology that describes how societies changed from having a small and simple or organization to having a large and complex organization. Without studying morality in relation to the types of societies that existed, philosophical approaches would be flawed.

In comparison to Durkheim, Marx’s found the freedom of discussion and the stimulation of new ideas exhilarating. Because the French King showed surprising tolerance for some types of dissent, especially