Essay on Social: United States and Globalization Affecting Culture

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A main reason for the risen incomes and wealth inequality in the United States of America is globalization. Everyone lives and has some sort of culture that they live by, but do you know exactly what influences our culture? There are many things that we do not consider that could change our culture. One word that made this whole thing a possibility is globalization.

Globalization is the process of enabling financial and investment markets to operate internationally. So with that being said, globalization is a big subject to talk about and it could forces change in this world and your culture in a second. For example, the cost of trade of goods and services go then we all have to change the way we live some how. The cost of goods and services change at some point in time, we then either avoid to purchase that object or we don’t buy as much. Rice could be an example if your from Hawai’i, rice is a apart of almost every meal. The price would rise and if you cant afford to constantly pay for rice then your stuck with out it for a couple of meals. Globalization affects culture a lot basically, a problem that is going on that also affects our culture here in Hawaii is the gas prices. It affects everyone who drives a car and everyone who catches the bus. Since gas prices is so high it may even force people to ride bikes. Many culture changes is caused from globalization.

In conclusion with all be stated above, globalization does affect culture. It may go unnoticed, but