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Social Values For My Career Mid-Term

Sociology I believe has a lot to do with just living life and experiencing others’ lives, which is why this is the second time I’m taking this class. Until I lived life and experienced life around others, I had no idea what this class was really about. Ever since I was very young I have wanted to do something in the law-enforcement field, but until I lived life a little I did not know exactly what I wanted to do in that field. Now that I have interacted with many different kinds of people and cultures and had my life intertwined with others’ lives, I know for sure that I want do something that will really help and make a difference. Since I am starting out a little later in life than most, meaning I’m 27 years old and just now trying to finish school while in the military and most of my high school classmates already have their career, I have very expectations for my career goals. I will be out of the military within the next year and I hope to finish my degree before that if not, than shortly after and then go right in to the Delaware State Trooper Academy. That is the broad spectrum of my career goals because that is where I would like to retire, but to get more specific there is a certain department I see myself in. One of two departments I see myself in, either Alcohol Firearms and Tobacco Unit or a Search and Rescue Unit where I feel like I can make the biggest difference. I do know right off the back for the first 3 years I’m going to have to just a regular Highway Patrol officer and then I can ask for a transfer if I would like. The class Comm150 is a great class to start out if you are new to college, because it has helped me be more organized and