Social Work Reflection

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The initial inquiry requests the measures that would be taken to improve academic performance if admitted to the program. Recently, my academic performance has been effected by personal dilemmas. The steps that will be described are currently being implicated into my life. My goal is to acquire the ability to identify my problem areas, find solutions, and develop as a person so I can help others. The actions taken focus on improving my emotional and physical health. Setting goals and making an appointment with a psychologist all contribute to my emotional health. Whereas working out and eating clean concentrates on improving my physical health. Setting goals enable individuals to identify their aspirations and construct a plan to achieve what …show more content…
Social Workers, from the Child and Family Services, recommended that I attend counseling sessions to better process the advanced situations I was experiencing. Though I have not consistently attended counseling since then, I believe that talking through challenging times with a professional can provide new insight, identification techniques, and relief. When reflecting on my life I identified a correlation between my happiness and attending counseling. To achieve that happiness, and improve academically, I have made an appointment at Holistic Consultation for March 21st. My emotional health is imperative in helping others.
The second question requests a description of influences that have shaped my interest in social work. Knowledge and awareness of social work contributes to the awareness of the importance of the profession. There are three main periods in my life when I came to the realization to certain issues presented in my life, or in the life of a loved one, that required the social work system. The first recognized influence was during my
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My work experience is dominantly customer service. In the past, I worked for McDonalds as a crew member, OSUN The Office of Disability Services at the Adaptive Technology Lab, and #Froyo as a crew member. Currently, I work at Kroger in the produce department. McDonalds, #Froyo, and Kroger teach employees to work in fast pace, intense, situations as well as resolving situations with customers. They teach individuals to be humble and to work hard. In the adaptive technology lab task performed were text adaptation for students with disabilities to formats such as MP3, assisted students with technology requirements and other duties as assigned. Overall, my work experience has taught me to work in groups, stay calm, listen to problem, problem solving, and