Social Work Weaknesses

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Along with strengths, I also have weaknesses can potentially prevent me from being an effective social worker in the future. Because I want to be harmonious and peaceful, there are many instances where I avoid conflict and suppress my unpleasant feelings instead of confronting them. While being self-critical allows me see what my weaknesses are, it also lowers my self-confidence and self-esteem as I become overly critical and unforgiving of myself. My low self-esteem could be the reason why I have difficulties self-disclosing, which is a weakness I have that can prevent me from forming meaning relationships, not only in personal but also professional life. I recognize that these traits are undesirable for a future social worker, so I have reached …show more content…
NASW Codes of Ethics stated that one of the core values of social work is social justice, and this aligns with my personal values (NASW, 2008). I’m compassionate about social issues and social equality, because I was heavily influenced by the conversations we have in the family since I was young. I enjoy reading and discussing about social issues in order to broaden my knowledge and also to raise awareness about social justice issues in others. I seek a BSW degree because after coming to the United States and learning about social issues, I’m motivated to act and create positive changes in the community. This explains why I enjoy doing volunteer work in the community, because I feel that it is essential to have a positive impact in the community. Moreover, I feel rewarded when I am able to help others or have a positive impact on them. However, volunteer work can only do little to help people with their situation, especially when I do not have the trainings or the resources needed in order to help them. Therefore, when I learned about social work field, I know that social work as a profession will allow me to have a more significant impact on the community and help others in a more effective