Social Worker Descriptive Essay

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Pages: 8

As of today I am 18 years old an adult which means I am no longer a foster child. All that I need to do is go to to the social services building and have my social worker put in some paper work and I should be out of the system..Walking into the building brought so many good and bad memories like the first time I came to this building it was right after my mom died since I had no family and anyone who was looking to adopt only wanted a baby or a toddler no one really wanted to adopt a ten year old who was traumatized from her mother’s death so I was put into the foster Program.

Looking for my social worker Ms.Cindy, I finally spotted her sitting in her office , I could smell her usual cup of black coffee from the doorway, walking
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The second gift was a journal but not just any journal but my mom's daily journal. When my mother was still alive I would always notice her writing in a book so I decided to ask my mom what she was writing in and she told me that the book she was writing in was called a journal and that one day she would buy me one but she never got to buy my one due to her death. Just looking at the gift I had received tears were starting to fall from my eyes, wiping my tear away I walk over to Ms.Cindy’s and hug her to show my appreciation for all she had done for me throughout the years I have been in the foster program . “ Ms.Cindy can you finalize my coming of age papers and enter them in .” “Dear I was going to tell you this but I already finalized your papers a long time ago so you are free to