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The Evolutionary and Social cultural perspectives are said to play a large role in the way we behave. Two different approaches to psychology, which share differences and similarities. Though some believe it’s one or the other, many believe it is both working together. But what do these two views consist of?

By definition the evolutionary perspective is an approach to psychology on the principle of natural selection. Natural selection is basically all about us adapting to our surroundings and passing those survival genes on to our offspring. A biologist by the name of Charles Darwin, believed that our population reacts due to changes in environmental and biological variables over long periods of time.
Take for example the peacock, these days it is more common to come across a peacock with a brightly colored tail than not. That is because over many generations the female peacock continuously selected colorful tailed male mates. Leaving little room for the less fortunate, supposed unattractive peacocks to reproduce. The reason why it is so rare to see a peacock without its many colors.

The social cultural view is the approach to psychology that emphasizes social and cultural influences on behavior. If you look in the dictionary culture is a lifestyle in which a group of people share the same ideas of the world and follow rules in which ways to act, think and feel. Though culture goes through changes just as much as natural selection does, it