Essay on Socialism: Government and Professor Zonozy Socialism

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De Vry University
Jose L. Bifano
Professor Zonozy

Socialism the quality of equal opportunity, the definition of socialism or

description is that it takes higher taxes from people that make more money. School or

education is free this includes health services as out book describes in page 41. If the

government has enough fire fighters, police, volunteers, and red cross workers. Any

nature disaster would be devastating for people no matter what type of government the

country has. But out of all socialism would respond a lot faster because they will have

sections and teams prepared for natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, fires,

and floods.

One example would be a better or bigger program like the National Guard when

Hurricane Catrina destroyed New Orleans. FEMA should have responded a lot sooner

and instead of the Army been asked to help. National Guard or USACE would have

better camps and response teams that way it would of not taken a year to bring them

water. Finland is one of the top five most socialist countries in the world and for that

reason they have the best educational system in the world as well. They have 100%

literacy in Finland, what is this have to do with an emergency or natural disaster?

If they take care of education this much they will take care of their citizens and making

sure all necessary actions are taken according to a natural disaster.

Here is a good example why a socialism government will be a lot better,

during the 2010 earth quake in China with a magnitude of 8.0 in the scale of richtare

scale. Besides the ambulance and the rest of the common responses the Chinese

Government sent over 100,000 soldiers to concentrate on the damaged areas.

The government also paid in full any social service and health care, this made the entire

population enthusiast to re-build their homes with the governments help. On the other

hand you have U.S has a bureau like FEMA and the governments affair committee

responded with a,…