Socialist Forms Essay

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. He wanted to convert them from an agrarian and weak country to a an industrial and powerful country. To completely oust the capitalist elements, to widen the front of socialist forms of economy, and to create the economic basis for the abolition of classes in the USSR. They wanted to do it so rapidly because Russia was already 100 years behind.
2. He pointed out the iron and steel industries which is the most credible and the least credible is when he said they created new industries better than any other European country did.
3. Completely wiping out capitalism didn't work too well in the past but now Stalin believes it is the best answer to fixing the USSR, ignoring history.
4. He was talking about making a country momentarily stronger by making them completely communists.

1. They believe it was a peasant's job to be cast into their place. They believe it is so crucial because you must have your studs and must have your duds for socialism to work and actually be socialism.
2. They have very mixed feelings towards it. It is nice because they know they will get food for every meal and won't have to rival other neighbors for positions but the problem is they will be treated as serfs, they believe. No more anything of their own, including food.
3. They saw themselves as actual people, not one populous as they believe the government saw them. They didn't like the idea of classes because it created fueds between the neighboring people and communities. They finally entered the farm because the communists swayed them it was a better life to do what they were preaching.
4. They were exploiting the people living there and the communists, who see everyone as equal, hated the idea of one person ruling everyone and all the food and not distributing it.

1. They were working, eating, they appeared to be happy. People who were oppressed a few years back were now being elected to political positions. Everyone was getting what they wanted.
2. One criticism was the happiness was almost mechanical in a way, as the government told you work was fun so you accepted it and believed it. Another was only the rich were getting to study and go to school. Another example is a worker saying the newspapers cover up the truth and that just because nothing is called classes anymore doesn't mean there isnt a class system. These are all in opposition to the way socialism was implemented.
3. Two Comments from Factory Workers