Socialization In The Ugly Duckling, Rudy, And Siddhartha

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Awareness of self is a subject people often stray away from because of their fear of accepting the person they truly are. The overall internal development and constant desire to have a positive relationship with one’s self is a challenging and almost seemingly endless journey. Protagonists within The Ugly Duckling, Rudy, and Siddhartha have demonstrated this ruminating expedition to embrace their genuine individuality unapologetically. The literature titled The Cycle of Socialization attributed to an outsiders’ perspective on the continuous theme implementing the concept of observing the person within and not conforming to society’s misconceptions on who they should become. After viewing each of the protagonists’ individual journeys, the reader understands the importance of this …show more content…
Socialization is fulfilling our culture’s false misconceptions of becoming the individual they believe we should be. It is accepting social standards without hesitation and resisting the unrealistic boundaries set for us to live up to. In Bobbie Harro’s Cycle of Socialization, the literature revealed the truth behind how others are stuck in the cycle of socialization. The author expound upon the requirements and repercussions of being a part of and separate from the cycle. It explained all of the cycle’s content and overall purpose in society, creating its influence on us as both individuals involved and uninvolved. The literature states, “Immediately upon our births we begin to be socialized by the people we love and trust the most, our families or the adults who are raising us. They shape our self-concepts and self-perceptions, the norms, and rules we must follow, the assumed roles we should