Socialization: Sociology and Private Catholic School Essay

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Mark Herdy
Intro to Sociology
Miss Sach
July 3, 2012
Reaction paper #1 I have experienced socialization in my life. Socialization is the process of learning and internalizing the values, beliefs, and norms of our social group, by which we become functioning members of society. From when I started school in kindergarten until I was in seventh grade I attended a private catholic school. I didn’t choose to go to this school at all, it was simply a decision made by my parents because they were uncomfortable with putting me in a public school. So with me attending this catholic school, it raised me in an environment that chose my religion and the way I was taught certain things and behaviors. When I transferred to public school in eighth grade I was shocked by some of the behaviors and attitudes the kids had. Internalization is something that I have experienced in my life through work. Internalization is the process by which something moves from the conscious mind to the subconscious mind. When I started my job at Walgreens as a cashier I had to of course learn how to use the cash register because I have never used a cash register before. I noticed after the first couple months that I worked there my actions would basically just be automatic and I wouldn’t have to think about anything. (Such as what buttons to press for certain options or even when customers would ask for cigarettes. I would just turn around and grab them right away without having to think which ones are which because I know exactly where they are and what kind to get) Conformity is something I have also experienced in my life usually in school. Conformity is when an individual goes along with the standards of a group. There have been multiple situations that I have been guilty of doing this. I’m a shy