Socially Just Essay

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Michael Pettiford
Mrs. Wood
English 1207
19 November 2013
SOCIALLY JUST AMERICA Is America a socially just nation? What do you think? I say no. A socially just nation is one in which every person is equal and where there is no discrimination. Many social groups are being discriminated against because of their differences. This makes America a socially unjust society. Ever since the early days of America, women were discriminated against. They were expected to be obedient to their husbands and raise their families. They were not given many rights in the public. Although America has come a long way, women are still not treated equally to men. This is especially evident in the workplace. Women don’t get nearly the same pay amount as men in the same or similar positions. Some women can’t even get higher ranking jobs because of the fact that they are women. It doesn’t even seem a matter of experience or professionalism. It’s a matter of sexism. In the 1920s, women got 23 cents on every dollar that a man made (Huffington). Today, women get approximately 75 cents on the dollar of a man (Edmodo). While not equal, this is still a large step towards equality. In sports and in the workplace, the mentally and physically disabled are discriminated against. People who are mentally or physically disable are shunned from most clubs, jobs, and sports. Many disabled people are very good at their jobs, yet are not hired because of their disabilities. This further proves that America…