Supply Demand And Price Research Paper

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Supply, Demand, and Price

In the world today there have been many economic problems. It causes people to get very angry. Supply, Demand, and Price are one of the biggest issues faced today in the economy and are impacting the world in negative ways. These 3 things have caused so many problems in the world that it had led to people dying or bankruptcies. This is a very important issue that should be fixed.
There were many problems in Heisenberg that affected the nation involving supply, demand, and price. Many of these issues had to be taken to court and there were many arguments. One issue that we had in Heisenberg was food supply, which we did not have enough of. This was a very big problem because many of the peoples family members were dying because the food prices were so high and they could not afford it. It was not fair that the food prices were varied weather you we rich or poor. If you put this in the real world many people would be on the streets or would die because there is not enough food to be supplied. For example the people in Africa have barely had any money to afford food so they grow crops and drink water out of wells, where here we have water bottles and taps. Another problem that had occurred in Heisenberg was electricity. The owner of the electricity was either selling too much electricity to one person or asking for high prices of money. Without power people were not able to power their houses to cook food and have light. In the real world today if you don’t have electricity you would need to have fires in order to cook your food which would involve cutting down a lot more trees. Some of the insights I gained from this experience is that people can easily scam you and ask for high demands when in reality they problem aren’t worth that much. I also learned that life can get really hard at points if you cannot afford the basic needs to live.
In a way this topic relates to reality in many ways. There are many homeless people on the streets today because of the high food prices. Supply, Demand, and Price also have cause many other issues such as: raising the oil prices, or changing the tax prices to 12%. Because of the high taxes and prices on houses people cannot afford them or have to end up using their line of credits and taking loans which they may not be able to pay off later. One major problem in the world today is health care in America. The prices are very high just to go to