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The Laws of St. Laurent were made because of the decreasing number of buffalo in 1873. This law made it so that bison could only be hunted once in a while. These laws protected the buffalo from harm as the laws were making it illegal to hunt the buffalo. Prior to this, Canada and the USA were removing their buffalo because the buffalo couldn't co-exist with the nearby farms. In 1884-1885 the buffalo had almost been completely eliminated which caused great hardship in the winter for the Métis, because they could no longer make Pemmican. Pemmican was their main source of food in the winter. Because of their hunger, they broke the law and hunted Buffalo despite the possible conseuences. Because of their actions, eventually the rule was abolished.
This was one of the first acts of rebellion described in the history of the Northwest Rebellion.


In 1874, a few traders who traded the natives cheap alchohol for fur and buffalo robes, attacked and killed nearly 30 natives. Because of these traders the natives that actually traded with these men developed alchoholism and this lead to, alchoholism, mal-nourishment, and alchohol related diseases. The government then hired the Canadian Mounted Police to patrol the areas of trade in the Northwest to prevent the ongoing problems caused by the whisky traders.


In 1876 an act was passed called The Indian Act. The act was important because it was the begining of a legislation that enforced reserves for people of native tatus. Although they were entitled to land, they also were forced to live on this land. Children of Indian status were only to attend "Residential Schools". This was a social unjustice that allowed the europeans to have settlements on the land that the Natives could no longer own. This was also brought back up in the 1950's as bill c-31 Which stated how bands/reserves may opperate and defined who or who is not of Indian status.


In 1880 The Metis moved into the northwest to occupy land and use it for farming. They wanted money and land from the government for a chance to be successful and didn't even think of any rebellious act against the government. The Canadian government didn't want to read over the petition from the Metis for "their land". Instead of helping the Metis, they were short on money and decided that funding the Candian Pacific Railway was more important.. The Metis didn't like this, it caused them anger which along the line, urged the rebellion in 1885.


In 1884 Louis Riel returned for the Metis, because they had no leader after he had left. Louis left after an attack on the Metis, he suspected they wanted them dead, so left for the united states and applied for a citizenship. Eventually the Metis moved to…