Society and Intrinsic Human Rights Essay

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Alexis Azadian February 1, 2015
What Will the World Provide?

As technology changes, human society becomes inferior in terms of social disparity and intrinsic human rights. The movie District 9 is an example of how technology is continually extinguishing society’s ability to function. The world is compiled of intertwined societal normalities that are extremely complicated. These issues that evolving technology introduce to human interaction can be solved through the principal feelings individuals have towards each other and the world they live in. If human interaction was based on feeling rather than thinking, society would flourish alongside technology, rather than deteriorate. Even though society is regressing, there are many ways technology can be redirected to enlighten and enhance society to new realms of possibilities. Throughout the movie the aliens were harshly oppressed; their children were taken from them and they were exploited and confined to live in essential refugee camps. The humans not only destroyed their homes, but mass murdered the hundreds of eggs that they housed. This shows how human society is unable to comprehend the relationship the aliens had had with technology because of how we are desensitized from truly feeling things. The aliens really just wanted to return home and save their people. When one of their own was killed, they physically were affected by the loss of one of their own, as many animals naturally are. Humans have grown more resistant to loss on account of technology. Vehicles created by humans to hate such as war, crime, and media have all idealized violence, discrimination, and animosity towards one another, in turn desensitizing people. In the heart of the movie, the aliens solely wished to go back to their home planet, showing all creatures care for one another equally along with the environment they live in.
Humans and technology when combined contribute to the destruction of our race because humans cannot resist greed and power. Wikus started out in the movie as a power hungry employee of Multi-National United, as he became more and more encapsulated by the power he was given, Wikus became infected by the