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Society & Self In this life, I have come to particularly grow fond of my central role in the society. This I complement with other secondary role performances to derive my purpose in life. The beauty of it all is how it impacts positively and significantly in instructing the most important category of persons in the society, and more so seeing them follow suit, learning and following the very principles I observe too. This gives me much motivation, courage and morale to not only teach them more and more but additionally it makes me yearn for more. Moreover it challenges me to remain put and steadfast in that what I have always stood for and that which I belief to be right.
Rest the reader loses track, am referring to my role as a staunch principled Christian who also doubles up as a Sunday school teacher. The latter is what motivates me and gives me that extra boost that one desires once in a while when they feel as though they are either loosing enthusiasm or feel like their purpose in life is growing vague and blurred. The sight of so many innocent, young, vibrant yet vulnerable kids looking so expectantly on to me for guidance in Christian principles and seeing how they receive the gospel jubilantly challenges me to a higher calling. I never cease wondering where all the enthusiasm to pursue Christianity and religion in particular later disappears to as the kinds grow older.
What I have come to appreciate most is my love for kids. This has made me pursue a course in social work, which will see me always work with and for the kids. This has been my calling and my passion. It stems from my deep conviction that the only way to restoring sanity in the society is by raising a young generation that is steadfast in religion, in my case, Christianity. It’s also evident that the ever growing influence of the Christianity averse is so overwhelming that not unless the principles of religion are inculcated in the young generation early enough, the world may eventually overcome them making them compromise all that they stand for. With my strong faith and profession in the background, am convinced that am better placed to achieve this.
In order to achieve my dreams I have established goals for my life. The most vital goals in my life being, among others, to develop a comprehensive, all inclusive program in my line of profession for children, not only those who profess the same faith as I do but also other children worldwide. I intend to brand this Religion for Societal Transformation as its corner stone will be religion. Once rolled out the program initially be limited to my country and religion but will thereafter open up its doors for other denominations as well as countries. With a young generation steadfast in religion, it will be easier to realize the much needed change in the present world.
The main focus here is to examine the purpose of my calling, which entails doing what God needs me to do, being competent by being just right at what I do, building a strong self-belief by figuring out what I can accomplish in my context, and building my character as well as that of the kids to being “just right” According to me, it holds water that if Jesus stated in exceptional contexts that his cause was to do the will of God, His Father, then it must be the first order for a devoted Christian to conform with the need of God for him/her. In the past, all those who went into industry as a call from God but did not comprehend the full