Society: Government and Society Essay

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“Society knows perfectly well how to kill a man and has methods more subtle than death” –Andre Gide. From the very beginning of human civilization, society has made laws to govern and control their people. Without these laws chaos would ensue. By the people who made these laws could just as easily be corrupted by greed and power. When this happened revolutions against the ruler occurred causing all of the rulers’ laws and wealth to count for nothing. The only time a ruler has true power is when society accepts the power that is given. A phenomena occurred that closely relates to the topic is, Greece. There was a huge instability in Greece caused by the citizens. They were greedy and not willing to keep their society at well. Most didn’t pay their taxes, causing the economy to drastically change in a negative way and the government went into huge debt. Despite this being the fault of the citizens, they were not being controlled like any society should be. They should have been punished for rioting but they weren’t because society lost control of the people and did not want cause a civil war. Once a person at the top of the social class pyramid does something new, everyone immediately follows and society goes along with it from one thing to another. Things are constantly changing throughout the world and what people are perceived to be as “better than others”. That being, the one who is looked at more saintly will there for be the ruler of the society, him or her and their followers. Starting new trends and making new rules, also changing those rules as they please. Some examples are government issues, the economy, bullying, education, everything in our environment is changing the way we act and we make it that way. Bullying is one of the major harmful examples. If one doesn’t look at to pleasure of those who deceive others, they are harassed most of the time driving them to a negative outlook towards life. People control society because the world is a