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Society Kills One of the most fascinating yet terrifying subjects to talk or think when one is a child is a monster. Growing up, the monster was always hiding in the closet, but as you get older the monster could be in your science class, or your work environment. Today monsters are not just figments of the imagination. They are real life, utterly terrifying creatures that lurk around us every single day. Some monsters can still be unrealistic and fake such as vampires or werewolves. These monsters are in storybooks and movies and although frightening, it’s easy for one to disregard and understand it isn’t real. On the other hand there are other monsters classified as slashers. These monsters are the ones who kill viscously. Slashers are in the most terrifying groups of monsters because they seem very real to people. Even in movies slashers are realistic. Although some of the ideas are far-fetched just the thought of it happening is quite breathtaking. In the real world today the slashers humans are faced with are often serial killers. By Google definition, a serial killer is “someone who murders more than three victims one at a time in a relatively short interval.” Just thinking about growing up with someone who is like this is chilling. Most often the children, who become serial killers when they reach adulthood, were seemingly normal children. Serial killers almost always start off as happy go lucky kids.
The word serial killer has a certain feeling that resonates. It makes one feel uncomfortable, afraid and nervous. Society today has become more used to seeing the word, or watching the films with these terrifying people, but the word still makes one cringe. Movies over the years have become scarier, but it hasn’t stopped people. The freakiest of them all are the biographies of killers that were real. For example, the serial killer Jeffery Dahmer kidnapped, drugged, sexually abused, murdered and partially consumed the bodies of his victims, yet a documentary titled The Jeffery Dahmer Files was just produced in 2012. Dahmer’s arrest was in 1992 and his death in prison was in 1994, but people are still talking about him. This only creates the question; does society’s interest in these killers help form the new ones? The more people purchase movie tickets to these serial killer filled films, the more fame-hungry the new killers become. Society has a sick, subconscious way of forming these killers that we are so scared of in the first place. The American dream is to grow up in the suburbs with a swimming pool and parents that bake you cookies and play catch with you. A lot of serial killers seemed to have had that, or fairly close. According to a writer on the website,, Madilyn Bardsley wrote on Dahmer; “He was a normal, healthy child whose birth was the occasion of great joy. As a tot, he was a happy, bubbly youngster who loved stuffed bunnies and wooden blocks.” Dahmer probably had many friends, just like any other ‘normal’ American child. No one knew he would end up murdering 17 innocent young boys. Serial killers are horrific creatures but Americans are constantly intrigued by the…