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Star Rueth
February 10, 2013

Society of Plastic
Every person in our society has become dependent on little plastic cards. We have cards for every type of monetary transaction we do. We have cards to receive money from employers. On other cards we get discounts for using when we visit our favorite stores. We are issued cards by our insurance companies to pay for medical expenses. We give cards as gifts for special occasions that can be used to purchase the things we want. These cards have become prominent in our society due to the age of electronics.

Plastic cards We have become a society that is dependent on plastic cards that measure 3.37” x 2.125”. These cards are used for every possible transaction I can think of and a few I am sure I have overlooked. We are issued these cards from the government as a permit to drive our automobiles. They are issued by banks as a way to access you accounts in retail outlets. We register for discount cards at our favorite stores and even give them as gifts to people so they can buy what they want and desire. The government also issues these cards for social programs such as food stamps and Medicaid. These cards have become prominent due to the fact that retailers can assure themselves that there are monetary funds available for the purchases. Retailers no longer have to accept checks as a form of payment that may or may not have monetary funds available. Literally every retailer accepts these cards as payment form. We can be asked for identification when presenting these cards for payment. Our identification has the same dimensions as our cards issued for payment. I believe that the history of these cards started when we began issuing papers that we were required to carry even back at the birth of Christ for taxation purposes. There have been document types throughout history since then. Some of our most significant time periods had identification documents. I see the future having one card issued to individuals at birth. That card will act first as the birth certificate. As the child grows it will be the source they use to get into schools for education. They will use their cards to get lunches at school. Their parents will put their allowances on the cards. When they become of legal age to drive, their cards will act as the driver’s license. They will use the card to enroll for college, apply for jobs and essentially every aspect of their lives will be