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Hypothesis: The media’s over exaggeration of terrorist activity has led to an increased state of paranoia in society.
1. Please tick your gender Male Female

2. What is your age?
Under 15
56 +

3. What media outlets do you use?
Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr)
Online News Websites

4. How often do you use the above media sources?
Less than 1 hr
1 hr
1-2 hr
2-3 hr
3-4 hr
4+ hr


Source: Daily Telegraph 17 December 2014
6. Do you think this is an accurate portrayal of the events of the Sydney Siege (date)?
‘Circular Quay evacuated after package found on ferry’ Source: Sydney Morning Herald January 22 2015

‘POLICE rushed to a shopping centre in the Sydney suburb of Hornsby this afternoon amid reports of a suspicious package’
7. These two newspaper articles demonstrate the public’s response following the Sydney Siege. Do you think that these events would have occurred if NSW had not experience the Siege?
Other ______________________

Source: February 13 2015
8. The media attempts to make people more aware through engaging audiences on social media websites such as Twitter in the above image.

Is this 24 hour news coverage useful or causing a more traumatic and paranoid society?

it is useful

it isn’t useful

To some extent it is useful

Mirror.Co.UK August 27 2015

9. Images have become integral to news stories. What do you think the purpose of this image is, within the news articles? source: Enhancing Cooperation in defence against terrorism, Kenan Tokgoz

To shock To engage the audience To scare To warn To inform

10. Following the Charlie Hebdo attacks in