Essay on Society: Social Networking Sites

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Are social networking sites doing us any good? Or are they just a sophisticated way of stalking people?

he spread of social networking sites has changed every person’s ways of socializing and communicating with friends and acquaintances. Since the birth of social networking sites, it has given enormous benefits to the sphere, as it allows to keep in touch with anyone and to collaboration with others even in different geographic areas. By having the full advantages of social networking sites, a big disadvantage existed for some reasons, which is cyber stalking. Cyber stalking is referred to as online harassment or electronic stalking is defined as the offensive, threatening communication through the Internet, via e-mail, chat rooms, or
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Such as The social networking site, Twitter, is the current issue of controversial News Feed feature, due to its displays a sign of allowing stalkers. Majority of the people are acting like a status freak, non-stop checking friends’ status updates and updating own status. Alif (2009) argues that with the constant self-info are showed on the Twitter News Feed, its obviously gives a sign that stalkers are welcome. Twitter is the better ultimate stalker tool. It because of Twitter is more of micro-blogging service that users tend to shares with people their current status in very single tiny detail. For instance, automates into the process in tracking sleeping patterns of the tweets by analyzing and studying the tweets’ location and when they tend to update, hence, this data can split out a rough estimation of the time and duration of the user’s sleep (O’brien, 2010). It basically stalks tweets’ daily routine that is similar to having a surveillance to monitor the person’s schedule at home. Apparently, this application is giving stalkers a great chance for stalking tweets at the right timing. Also, its is putting every tweet under surveillance. Zukerman (2010) argues allows for stalking Tweeter addicts even more effectively. With holding such a ultimate stalker application, it is providing a