Society: Sociology and Middle Income Essay

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Society is what guides our lives in what we do, think and feel. In the text by John J. Macionis it is said that there is more to marriage than the love that one person has for another, it is society too. Some of the categories that society guides us with include: middle income, social integration, race conflict, social structure and a theoretical approach. I’ve looked at the marriage between my parents and I’ve come to realize that it really isn’t just the love that brought them together. First, middle income played a factor in my parents’ marriage. Because they are both part of the middle class it was easier for them to get along and understand each other’s point of views. I couldn’t see my mother trying to have a relationship let alone a marriage with someone who was higher or lower than her; there would be too many conflicts about financial standards or situations. Along with the middle income I believe that social integration ties along. The social integration between my parents is very strong. This is because they interact with people other than each other or in isolation giving them the chance to be social and enjoy life. Although being in the middle class does not give as many options compared to the higher class it still allows them to be independent and have fun. Another factor that was part of the marriage was race. It is hard knowing that there is race conflict in the both the lives of my parents. They are able to communicate and hold an acquaintance type or relationship with people from different races, but they would not be able to hold a relationship with another race other than their own. Besides the race conflict I believe that theoretical approach has a relation to the marriage as well. It is understood that in some religions you are not allowed to marry outside your race, which also is a basic image of a large majority of society’s thinking. In my eyes I