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This is a society of low income hard working, married Americans. They seem to be mostly middle aged white families whose income is less than 25000 thousand dollars a year. They seem to be God fearing families who go to church and worship the lord of their understanding. They would seem to favor having less than three children over more and maybe that is because of the income level, even though money doesn’t seem to be the biggest issue in their lives, they seem to be pretty happy and content with the paths of their lives. Some of them are probably even living the American dream according to their own accounts. As was said people who believe in God don’t need a lot to be happy in their lives, because they believe that God will supply all their need or want. Being born in American does have a lot of positive attributes about it and a lot of people seem to take advantage of that, because there are a lot of avenues you can take to get where you want to go in your life. And if you add things like welfare to the mix your prospects will look good.

Personal values and beliefs have a very big impact on how people go about their lives. If you feel good about yourself you can make the world around you seem lied a very good place to be. And with the faith of a higher power in your life that can only add the strength to where you are going. There seems to be a strong belief in God in this society by the number of Protestants with some kind of religious affiliation.

How you view your status in life can have a big bearing on where you stand in your life. Having achieved a certain status through things like education, life or employment opportunities can help you define who you really are in life. The people who are mostly happy in this society have probably reached a place in their lives that the status they have seems to be okay for them.

A lot of people don’t seem to become content in their lives until they start reaching the ages of being thankful for the time they have been able to spend on this earth. Age plays a very major role in where you see yourself on a personal basis and where you want go from there.

This society has a low percentage of minorities and that will always represent a disadvantage in all areas from education to employment. Even in this day and age racism still exist whether people want to admit it or not. You don’t see a lot of minorities in positions of authority across the point in view, there is one black doctor on the staff at the VA hospital