Sociological Analysis

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I have a financial degree from University of Lviv, Ukraine (some years ago). Have never taken sociology before, it simply was not a required course back then, the university curriculum in Ukraine locked of any elective courses, all the classes were set at the beginning and they all were required. I kind of knew, that sociology is the science of human interactions with in the context of our lives, how one’s life is shaped by others he interacts with. That is all I knew or may be guessed. So now, when I was introduced to basic sociology and one week before finishing class, my notion about basic sociology acquired some foundations. I would even say the “tree of sociological understanding“have roots now. All the things I barely understood became …show more content…
Before I took that class, all I knew that if I see a person who is dressed and acts as an opposite sex I would think he is a homosexual. But in reality it is not necessarily the case. I have never thought about the terms sexual dysphoria. That this is a medical definition. That someone is really thinks he belongs to an opposite sex. And in south East Asia, Kethoy person is considered the middle sex; I was really surprised to find that out.
The other real surprise was, I have mentioned this above, the gender wage gap in the US, since the United Satiates of America is the world leader of democracy and the country is in avangarde of human rights and equality (I have to mention not egalitarism, but human right equality) how is that possible that even to this day women in the US are still significantly get lower wages than their men counterparts; the sociological theory tried to explain it but in the end it is still comes to gender wage discrimination even thought the arguments were given which partially justify the lower wages for
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Elite college professors could be close friends with people who make their honest living as coal miner. I found out that in the US it is not always the case. If you want to be friend with person who is higher than you in class standing you have to move up (class mobility) this is the truth, and this is explained in the course. There are also the factors as race and gender that do play a role in all that. Incomes being still the main “tool” of class stratification. I would like to add the notion that “rich rule the world, the US included” was clearly substantiated and explained with data presented in the class (big surprise for me, as well). For some one, a person like me can seem be very naïve, but would change his opinion if you lived in a socialist country under the dictatorship where everyone is dreaming about Capitalism, and believes that the life is fair where everyone is happy and absent of any despair and