Sociological focus 1 Essay

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The common (non) sense that I believed to be true was that an individual’s personality is fully determined by age 6 and remains relatively unchanged as he or she becomes an adult. This seemed to be a logical statement to me because of watching my own kids. For the most part I can predict how each of my kids will react to a given situation. The fact is that even as adults, individuals have multiple selves that change through the process of socialization according to social situations and cultural expectations.
As I read the information on this topic, at first I found it hard to believe, because I was biased due to my experience with my children. Many things about their personalities have stayed the same through the years. The more I thought about my children’s personalities over the years the fact was clear. I started to think about my oldest son who is 17 years old. He lives between his biological mom’s home, which is very faith based, and our home which is very logic based. In his mom’s home he is taught not to question the how and why of the bible and the church. In our home we teach our children to question everything. He has learned to keep his questions to himself when he is at his mom’s home because he will be chastised and told that he is wrong for thinking that way. He knows that when he is at our home we encourage the questions. If something that he has heard, read, or been taught does not make sense we encourage him to study and talk about it till he comes to the…