Sociological Imagination Essay

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Unit 1 Individual Project: Sociological Imagination



This report will expand on sociological imagination on the basis of being unemployed and what the impact of unemployment is on a broader scale. We will expand upon facts of how it affects a person mentally and socially as well as an unemployed individuals outlook of future endeavors. We will also look into the affect it has on the people around the individual as well as the environment in which the individual lives. We will reflect upon the impact to the economy as a whole when unemployment becomes a prominent issue in the community. Unemployment is of major concern to each individual that is unemployed and for those that rely on others that are unemployed.
From a personal perspective to this matter, I can see from the individual perspective that, with everyone depending on you this is a big stress factor in the individual’s life. Not knowing from day to day what you have to look forward to. Having to put food on the table and a roof overhead. These are big responsibilities and when this happens to a person and they do not know where income is going to come from, because unemployment does not pay much, it is a big burden on that individual and those around him or her, especially those that depend upon that person for survival. Being unemployed severely constricts ones income and budgets will become very tight. They can get to the point of not being able to pay the bills nor getting what one wants. This creates personal depression and the feeling of insecurity. This can lead to fights among dependent members and the person in the situation. On a broader scale, the individual could go into manic depression, loose his or her self-worth or even loose a family over the situation. It could also lead to suicide on a higher scale individually. This person is looking at a future with a negative outlook depending on what there is out there for that individual.

Considering this person and how he may feel, the people around him may either console him or try to help. Personal feeling play a part as to how people will react to this person. If the person remains negative and does not try to help themselves, others may consider that person to be not worth the effort and will not try to help. This can cause even more strife as it could lead to losing more than a family and friends, they could also lose the house they live in and end up homeless and penniless As for the environment for which he lives, it could change
Drastically to the point of living in a nice neighborhood, being respected and living around respectful individuals to living on the streets having to beg for money to get by. This would not end up as a favorable situation. If this were to happen to several individuals like the recent recession we are slowly recovering from, this puts financial hardship on people in general. People stop spending, prices for products go down while suppliers cut costs to sustain a budget. More people get laid off and the economy spirals downward unless something is done to