Sociological Imagination Meanwell

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1.) Where do you see evidence of the Sociological Imagination in Meanwell’s article?
I found the use of sociological imagination in the article when Meanwell talks about the experiences the homeless encounter on a day to day basis. Meanwell mentions, “describing different definitions and operationalization’s of homelessness, the demographic characteristics of the homeless population, causes of homelessness, mental and physical health among the homeless, media framing of homelessness, and policy solutions.” (72) Meanwell emphasizes a needed better understanding of the homeless community. Meanwell also looks at the stigmatization of homeless and how wrongly society sees the homeless. Meanwell is looking at the bigger picture and trying to understand
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8.) What future research on homelessness does Meanwell explain is needed?
According to the reading Meanwell discusses the need for an “explicit approach to understanding shelters as inhabited institutions is needed, both to push our understandings of homeless shelters and life within them, and as an extension of inhabited institutionalism into a new organizational arena.” (79) The need for a better understanding of what happens inside the homeless shelters can improve the way we see these shelters.
9.) After reading the Student Literature Review, what questions or concerns came up for you relating to your own literature
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United States: Some interesting facts that I found about the United States are that we are a major consumer of ecstasy and Mexican methamphetamines as well as cocaine and marijuana. There is 51.3% of Americans who affiliate with being protestant. The life expectancy in the United States is 79.68 years,
Sweden: the main religion in Sweden is Lutheran with 87% if its population afflicting with it. Sweden’s life expectancy is 81.98 years which is higher than the United States. Sweden has a constitutional monarchy type of government. Something interesting I found about Sweden was even though you are born in Sweden that does not make you a citizen right away.
Mexico: The main religion in Mexico is Roman Catholic with 82.7% of the population affiliating with it. The average life expectancy in Mexico is 75.65 years. 52.3% of Mexico’s population is below the poverty level.
One thing I found really interesting when looking at life expectancy between the United States, Sweden, and Mexico is that women tend to live on average a few years longer than males. I also found that the out of the three the United States had the more obese people. Another thing I found was Sweden and the United States people on average attended 16 years of school while Mexico’s people only attended 13 years of school on