Sociological Issues In Remember The Titans

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Remember the Titans is set in a time when racial tensions were high, and it was a challenge for the coach to deal with this issue. There are a lot of differences amongst the team members due to their ethnic backgrounds, but they are resolved as the movie goes on. The problems are handled in a unique way by the players, coaches or everyone that is engaged on a personal level. As we review this movie, we’ll try to discuss the movie in detail by concentrating on its sociological processes and how they correlate to human relations. The central theme of the movie is racism and stereotyping, but there is a lot to the movie that helps its viewers understand about how empathy and communication can break down barriers and how sports can be a way of overcoming the differences in our society. The main character that helps in overcoming the racial barriers is the head coach, Herman Boone. The Titan’s go through the different levels of development that lead them to the great team they become. The movie is based on a true story.

In the beginning, the Titans go through the forming stage, as the existing
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There is a lot of friction and even some fighting that takes place as the coach’s start to position the players. This is the storming stage, where members begin to work together for some time, but tend to become dissatisfied with the group. The Functionalist Theory can be seen in practice from the start in the movie, as coach focused on participation, achievement and hard work to achieve success. The relations are improved between the two groups through intense training sessions, and obliging players to learn about each other by making black and white players bunk with each other. They had to learn something from each person of a different race, which was tough at first, but then they came to realize how blinded they were by ignorance and opened their hearts to one