Sociology P. 2-27 Thoughts

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Wilson 1
Madison K. Wilson
Dr. Szivos
Sociology 103
30 January 2015
Sociology p.2-27 Thoughts As I read through pages 2-27 I learned a lot more about sociology as a whole than I ever thought I could have. There are so many different aspects that come along with sociology, such as, sociology as a science, sociological imagination and the generalization of sociology. First off, it starts off by defining what Sociology really is, and even though there is an exact definition of sociology, a lot of what I gathered was that it was the study of social life, change, causes and consequences of human behavior. I find this to be extremely interesting due to the fact that I have always liked to observe how people interact in different social situations. It then goes into describing what sociology as a science looks like. I found this to be very intriguing. I have always thought as sociology and psychology as a type of science. I find it really interesting that not everyone has this same viewpoint. This now leaves me to talk about sociological imagination. Even though sociology doesn’t give you a straight, forward answer about something, the science behind it lies in the research and statistics and how sociological situations play out due to how people differ in terms of their places in a given social or historical circumstance. This now leads me to talk about the generalization of sociology.
Wilson 2 The most interesting thing about the generalization of sociology is the fact