Sociology and Correct Formatting Essay

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Our society has completely fed grammar and formatting to the dust. Let’s face it. Even in dignified magazines and newspapers such as The New York Times have made their fair share of mistakes in the finished product. So what should it be? Should we be spending our time worrying about correct format when format is almost completely not applicable in modern society? Personally, I think that formatting is slightly important, and should be presented one hundred percent in any document that is intended to be considered “dignified”, such as important articles or government documents. However, when writing a quick note to your friend or sending a text message, the idea is to get the message across as understandably (and raw) as possible. So, when writing a letter to someone of importance, for example, correct formatting is essential as it conveys the point that I should be respected, as my education allows for me to have strict formatting. Not only this, but writing a letter to someone that is important, such as a leader like a president or king, is a formal letter, and should be dressed as one. When writing a quick text message to tell my friend I’ll be to her house in five minutes though, the idea isn’t to be proper, but for the notion to have crossed her mind. So, “hey r u rdy? Ill b ther soon” is acceptable in this situation. A good comparison for this is this: when we go for a walk in the