Sociology and Different Sociological Views Essays

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What is “social contraction” of childhood? (2marks)
Means that the important characteristics of something, such as childhood, health and other forms of deviance are created and influenced by the attitudes, actions and interpretations of members of society.

Suggest ways in which government laws shape experiences of childhood sociology (4marks)

Examine different sociological views on changes in the experience of childhood (24marks)
In this essay i will examine the different sociological views on childhood.

There have been many changes in society that have affected childhood.
Functionalists believe that the experience of childhood has improved over the last 50 years. They believe that society is more child-centred today than ever before. Having contraception has led to couples having smaller families; therefore children have become more spoilt. Parents are also able to care for their children better due to the introduction of the welfare state and child benefits. E.g. ‘Every Child Matters’ has led to the improvement of social services and child protection, meaning childhood is much safer now. Children are also in better health. All children can now receive state education up until the age of 18, meaning they are better educated. All of these changes have improved the experience of childhood.

Aries has argued that children who lived in the pre-industrial society were not seen as children.Aries says that industrialisation in the 19th century changed the position of children. Before industrialisation children were seen as mini-adults they