Sociology and Different Working Relationship Essay

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Assighment for ou2546 (level 3 diploma in care )

1) Explain 3 differences between a working relationship and a personal relationship.?

In a working realionship u can not hug a friend or talk to them like u would out side of work u have to respect the residence or the sevice users at all times

when u at not in work u can hug and kiss ur family and friends and u can talk how u like u dont have to be repctful if u dont want to u can be ur self and have a sence of humor

2) Give 2 examples of different working relationship in a care setting.?

There is a care worker that will help get you up out of bed get you washed and ready for the day maybe take you out if u would like to go

there is also a senior carer who is there to help the carer if they need help with anythink like if there is a problem with the service user or a residence

Explain what is meant by "agreed ways of working"?

When you have a contract it will have a job discripstion in it which will tell you wot you have to do in your work enviroment. There are loads of polices that this means. It is only trying to protect you and the people you work with and also the residence and sevice users.

Explain the importance of haveing full and up todate details of "agreed ways of working".?

If u didnt have these up to date then how would you know wot your job discrpstion was. if you do sumthink wrong and the agreed ways of working wasnt up to date there could be serouis concerqences…